About Us
Puroserve Water Softeners in ShowroomThe expertise and coordination among Puroserve is unparalleled. The symphony that is a Puroserve RO system requires eight different sub-systems to operate as a single harmonious unit. Each step must work in sequence to properly pre-filter, separate, store, disinfect, re-pressurize and reclaim your water so that not a drop is wasted. Much care and thought goes into each installation to ensure that it is going to produce a great result.
We believe that we could accommodate as many as 80% of the installations that we look at. Of course this is much higher in areas where yards are bigger. It is just part of the nature of what the system represents. Responsible use, responsible re-use. If there is not adequate opportunity for responsible reuse (ie. usable yard space to reclaim the concentrate), then it is often a non-starter for that reason alone. Certain exceptions are made to this rule for critical processes or businesses. It is legal, but it is not our recommended or “as designed” installation. The Puroserve installation always includes a drip or collection irrigation system and is 100% water efficient.
We invite you to expect more. To have an understanding about your water, maybe for the first time in your life, and unleash your water’s full potential and power. It is the world’s first “Intelligent” water system. It actually knows what quality of water is required inside and what quality works best outside. In providing both high quality and peace of mind for you it is also helping the planet repair and disperse the salts that threaten us all.

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