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Water Softeners In Your Home

Water is used by every member of your household everyday. You bathe and brush your teeth with it. Your clothing and dishes are washed in it. And, more importantly, it’s used for drinking and to prepare the foods you eat and the beverages you may drink. For these reasons alone there’s no question that your household water should be as clean as you can possibly make it.

Unfortunately, tap water is regarded as an industrial utility, and even though municipal and federal regulations ensure that it’s safe to drink, it’s not always as good as you’d prefer it to be. Beyond basic disinfection, tap water receives minimal quality treatment. It often tastes and/or smells bad and can sometimes damage surfaces, fixtures and appliances.

The high cost to treat all tap water to a higher standard, when a relatively small portion of it is used directly by humans, would be quite high. If the water is suitable to raise crops, is potable and does not cause obvious illness, it’s considered satisfactory for all uses. But in today’s world, more than ever, having high-quality water for personal use is a personal choice. The long term exposure effects of some tap water impurities and chemical disinfectants are just now being fully realized.

Your family deserves the best water quality possible—and Puroserve delivers just that. Enjoy the benefits of soft water without the negative environmental impact of salt-based water softeners. Just imagine bathing in, cooking with, and drinking water that is up to 98% lower in dissolved impurities than tap water! And with our innovative wastewater diversion techniques, any rinse water is reused immediately on-site to water your lawn or garden, top off your pool, or any use where high water quality is not necessary. With all these benefits for your home, it’s easy to see that Puroserve is the most innovative water quality device on the market.