HT Series


Old fashioned water softeners have been identified as a major problem for waste water authorities across the Southwestern US. Because the re-use of discharged waste water is now being viewed as a sustainable water supply, water reclamation authorities have been mandated by Regional Water
Board(s) to reclaim and reuse as much waste water as possible. Therefore, the salt that is discharged from self-regenerating water softeners has come to be viewed as a significant source of pollution. Our challenge, the problem we have undertaken — how to soften water without relying on salt.
The Puroserve HT Series Whole House Water System achieves the goal of providing clean, softened water for home or commercial use through the use of low energy, high-production Reverse Osmosis membrane technology. With the HT Series, you can enjoy both gentle soft water and highly-purified water for drinking and cooking. Moreover, with our innovative wastewater diversion techniques, over 95% of all salt sources never reach the waste water (sewer), system. This technology has the potential to reduce ALL sources of salt, including tap water salts, benefitting waste water authorities challenged with managing salt sensitive watersheds. Choose the Puroserve model that’s perfect for you!

HT 2000

Our original design. Pure, salt-free soft water without the salt, combined with innovative wastewater diversion and emergency storage features make for a revolutionary water treatment system.

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HT Flex

All the key features of the HT2000 in a space-saving, wall-mountable slimline profile. HT Flex fits where it’s bigger brother can’t, with the same Puroserve quality and reliability.

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HT 600

THE choice for smaller homes and light commercial installations, the HT600 is a small package that delivers big! From restaurants to DI water pre-treatment, there’s nothing this little giant can’t handle.

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