We want everyone to look at their water differently.

We have and we believe that once you do you will find the experience both rewarding and satisfying. Water is not as plentiful or as available as it appears. In fact, the very source and essence of it have been hidden from us for all of our lives. A modern convenience, reliable water supplies, have obscured and minimized how vitally important clean water is. We have never had to worry about it, look for it or carry it if we were raised in the United States. It is arguably the most important element to our survival and yet we have almost complete ignorance of where it comes from or what it takes to make sure that it flows when we turn on our taps. Quality notwithstanding, just the fact that we have it is nothing short of a miracle of modern engineering and ingenuity. In fact, as late as 1955 as many as 50% of US households still did not have indoor plumbing. Now that number is over 98%.

We are blessed to be Americans, but with that blessing comes a certain insulation from reality that exists nowhere else on Earth. It is a dangerous situation to say the least. Dangerous in the sense that if it were suddenly gone (our reliable water supply), many of us would have no idea what to do. Physiology dictates that we are absolutely and completely dependent on it (as is every other species on Earth), yet because it is so easily obtained, we actually treat it as though it is valueless. Imagine the thing that you need the most being the thing you care about the least. That is sort of where water is in this country. These times are changing and it is definitely time to change the way we think; the way that YOU think.  

We are water treatment professionals. We are not marketing experts or a start-up. Our retail water treatment businesses have been open for over 50 years. We are dealers for one of the most respected water treatment dealer networks in the nation, particularly on the West coast (Rayne Water Systems). We serve residential clients in the most exclusive communities in the country as well as the aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality sectors through our commercial arm, Industrial Water Conditioning. When salt water softeners were prohibited in the town where we live, Santa Clarita, we knew it was time to get serious about developing environmentally responsible alternatives to salt softening. As the saying goes in business and in life “Adapt or die”, so that is exactly what we have done. At first we did it just to see if we could solve the hard water problem in our own homes using something new and different.

The Puroserve prototype unit was conceived and then built in our shop and then christened in our own garages. Units #001 and #002 are still performing beautifully after over 7 years of service for our own families. We believed in the first few months that we had a winner, just based on the water quality we were getting. When the membrane life surpassed three years we were certain we had done something that was once thought to be impossible. The system is actually easier and less expensive to maintain than the old salt technology that we were forced to take out.

As we became better and the system was refined we realized a couple of things. First it occurred to us that in setting out to solve our own problem, using advanced technology, we had quite possibly found a solution that could ease water worries across entire watersheds by easing the problem of accumulating salts in soil and groundwater. We also realized that water systems, both municipal treatment and distribution as well as home water treatment devices, had changed very little over the last 60+ years. Water is an area of our lives that was actually way overdue for a little technology advancement. They say that timing is everything and the timing could not be better for Puroserve.

As other industries have adapted themselves to make the best use of technological advancements in their fields, the water quality industry sort of stood still. We now have smart phones that fit more computing power into the palm of our hand than a full sized computer had just a few years ago. We have smart homes that can maintain their own temperature, turn things on and off when we want to etc. We can get 200 channels of satellite TV (for only $150 per month). We have cars that require no gas and split second access to more information than we could ever possibly absorb. The library of congress and billions of other bits of information now reside in our mobile devices. But why water has stood still is anybody’s guess. Perhaps it is due mostly to our apathetic attitude about it in general. This we believe is changing.

A smarter water system is now available. It solves the problems of hard water and mineral build up, foul taste and micro-pollutants while actually helping to clean up the environment. The Puroserve addresses an age old problem. It is a revolutionary breakthrough from a technical aspect. It is a much needed tool for mankind to help to manage and preserve resources that we all rely on. When you fully understand the benefits we believe that the question will not be whether or not it has value or if you can afford to do it. We truly believe that you will wonder if you can afford not to.