Our Water Softener Technology

The Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis technology behind the Puroserve HT Series is proven and reliable. It reflects our commitment to providing innovative, eco-conscious water treatment solutions that will provide the absolute finest water quality achievable to our customers. Puroserve also helps to improve the environment, a responsibility that we all must take more seriously in a modern world.

The Puroserve HT series home water system could be called a water resource management system. It is capable of creating different qualities of water for different purposes around your home from the water you receive from the tap. When your Puroserve system is installed you will enjoy a much higher level of domestic water quality inside your home while the water used outside will be ideal for landscape irrigation, pool fill and many other uses where quality is not a primary consideration. It is a micro-reclamation plant in this regard.

Tap water is usually safe to drink, but far too often contains impurities that can give it a poor taste, dry your skin and hair and damage clothing, dishes, fixtures and surfaces. So, for most households the tap water could really use some improvement before it is suitable for inside use. Meanwhile the water used outside does not need to be cleaned to the same standard. In this respect the Puroserve is a “smart” water system. It is able to improve the water that you use inside, reducing nearly all impurities by as much as 98%, and allocate a lesser quality water for use in the yard.

The Puroserve HT series is a true salt free water softener that not only does not add salt to the waste stream, it also addresses the most difficult to control source of salt in waste water – Ironically, by reducing the salt in the TAP water.

When salinity accumulation is addressed in this way everyone wins. The homeowner benefits from better domestic water quality without discharging salt. The community wins because when enough systems are installed expensive tax payer funded municipal solutions can be avoided. And the earth benefits because we have addressed a very serious problem in an environmentally sensitive manner.