Rayne of the Valley is now Puroserve

As of April 1st, 2023 Rayne of the Valley will become a FORMER authorized Rayne Dealer and we will operate exclusively under our own brand, Puroserve Water Systems. This name change is due to Rayne Corporation, our franchisor, being sold recently to Culligan International – our biggest competitor. As our customer, please rest assured that […]

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Los Angeles coffee shop reclaims its wastewater

Weird Wave Coffee in Los Angeles uses our reverse osmosis water filtration system – the Puroserve HT 600 – to purify all their water. For every gallon of purified water it produces, it produces a gallon of waste water. Watch how they took it upon themselves to reclaim the wastewater by pumping it to their […]

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weird wave coffee

A Message to our Customers About our COVID-19 Protocol

As we monitor the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), please know that the well-being of our customers and employees is our foremost concern. Puroserve is fully committed to continuing to safely serve our customers AND to ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees and their families. At this time, we are continuing to provide […]

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covid 19 virus up close

Commercial Dealkalizer System installed at The Getty Center

Dealkalization is critical to providing compatible feed water for some commercial boiler systems. Commercial boilers are commonly utilized in large buildings for providing domestic hot water as well as for heating the building interior. The Getty Center in Los Angeles has used Puroserve Water Conditioning for many years to maintain their domestic water softeners, climate […]

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The Getty

How To Save Water Without Killing Your Lawn

California’s water conservation efforts For the last few years, California has implemented legislation to combat water shortage as a result of longstanding drought in the region. This legislation has included measures that aim to conserve water by restricting usage to specific times and applications. We’ve all seen the commercials, billboards and bus-wraps urging CA residents […]

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brown is the new green

Storing Water For An Emergency Is Easier Than You Think

Emergency Preparedness Water Storage Storing water for an emergency is the most important part of your survival kit. A natural disaster can contaminate or limit access to your municipal water source and can make a bad situation even more dangerous. The human body can handle a substantial amount of time without food, however, our bodies […]

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What Does The Future Hold For Water Treatment?

Climate Science Is A Hoax With a set of principles that include Earth-friendliness, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, we strongly believe that the Puroserve approach is the future of water treatment, especially since the water-related issues that are affecting the country—reduced supply, increasing population, pollution, rising chloride levels across the very dry Southwest—are already calling for […]

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future of water management

Salt Pollution – Where We Are Today

Defining the Problem Urban salinity is an ancient issue, but also a modern one. What has changed is the scale of the problem. Our large communities change the very landscape upon which they are built, and without well-conceived water management policies for susceptible areas, the development of high chloride levels downstream of larger communities is […]

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water runoff from city drain pipe

Salt Pollution – Learning from Our Past

An Ancient Problem Environmental salt pollution is a modern problem with ancient roots. Across the span of world history lie the remains of ancient civilizations that relied on farming and irrigation to a fault. Eventually, they withered and died as a result of excess salinity in soil directly related to ignorance of proper water management […]

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