Residential Water Filtration

With a Puroserve water filtration system, we do all the hard work for you and provide you with a clean, aesthetically pleasing source of drinking water right in your kitchen!

Your drinking water is one of your most important assets. At Puroserve, we believe everyone in Los Angeles should have easy access to clean drinking water. A Puroserve filtration unit is perfect for your home and can help reduce problem contaminants found in tap water. Your family deserves access to a reliable source of clean purified drinking water.

filtered water

At Puroserve we sell and install a wide range of residential water filtration systems engineered to correct undesirable water characteristics found in many Los Angeles homes. We can customize any of our water filtration systems for any home.

Puroserve whole house filtration systems are very popular for taste, odor and chlorine reduction and come standard in 10″ and 12″ tank diameter sizes (other sizes available). They are by far the best whole house salt-free softener solution available for the money.

We also sell and install replacement filters for most major brands of water filters in various tank diameters and lengths.

  • Pentek
  • Big Blue
  • Aqua Flow
  • Hydronix
  • Everpure
  • Neo-Pure

A Puroserve representative can arrange for regular home service to eliminate the hassle of finding and changing your own filters.

Can I rent a drinking water system?

rent not buy

Puroserve offers a program that allows your household to rent a drinking water system for a low monthly rate.

This unique rental program includes all required filter changes and maintenance.

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Rental drinking water service starts as low as $20 a month*
*Dual Stage Carbon/Sediment drinking water system with annual filter maintenance included

Speak to a Puroserve representative today at (800) 594-3300 to learn why Puroserve whole house filtration systems are most popular among Los Angeles homeowners for taste, odor and chlorine reduction.