HT 25/50 Drinking Water System

The Puroserve HT 25/50 drinking water system is our approach to an innovative multi-stage filtration system utilizing proven reverse osmosis technology.

HT 25/50 reduces contaminants in your household drinking water and provides bottle-quality drinking water right at your sink.

We handle everything from installation to regularly scheduled filter changes and sanitization.

We also offer in-line alkaline filters as well as carbon or calcite filter add-ons to enhance your water needs.

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  • 25 to 50 gallons of clean, purified water per day to meet your water needs
  • Dedicated faucet available in multiple finishes and styles
  • Fits neatly under your sink
  • Fast, easy, convenient
  • Cost effective rental and purchase options to save you money
  • Backed by our factory trained service team
  • Service and maintenance included in our rental program


  • Peace of mind! 99% +/- reduction of all impurities.
  • Hydration helper. HT 25/50 is your personal assistant for staying hydrated daily. Proper hydration is the key to a healthy metabolism and jumpstarting your weight loss goals.
  • Environmentally friendly. HT 25/50 helps you eliminate the need for single use plastic bottles. Helping you to help the environment.
  • Excellent for your favorite recipes and beverages
  • Cleaner, clearer ice cubes
  • Extend the life of household products such as steam irons, coffee machines, humidifiers, etc

Not All Tap Water is Pure

Ensuring the water we drink every day is safe and natural is as important as the water itself. Unfortunately, not all water from the tap is the pure, clean drinking water our bodies require.

The Puroserve HT 25/50 drinking water system effectively reduces harmful contaminants, turning tap water into convenient, fresh, clean water at your own separate faucet.

Whether you are looking for a drinking water system for your home or office, we have an RO to fit your life. Let us help you receive the best quality drinking water!

Rental and purchase options are available

To speak to a Puroserve representative, call us at (800) 594-3300.