HT 600 Drinking Water System

Meet the little giant—the Puroserve HT 600. It’s the perfect drinking water solution for estate home or light-commercial installations.

Have centralized drinking water throughout your home? The HT 600 is great for having great-tasting reverse osmosis water available for your family and guests.

If you’re a small or medium manufacturer looking to pre-treat your water before DI treatment, your search ends at the HT 600. It’s perfect for DI pre-treatment while being easy on your budget.

In a restaurant, the HT 600 more than carries its load, providing salt-free soft water to maximize the life of appliances and giving dishes and glassware a spot-free shine. And nothing better could be running through your ice machine than Puroserve water brought to you by the HT 600.

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  • Up to 600 gallons per day of great tasting water to satisfy your body’s needs
  • Compact yet powerful design built to pack a punch. Perfect for homes, restaurants, and light commercial applications
  • Completely automated turn key solution which means you do nothing
  • Designed to reclaim rinse water for re-use so you waste virtually no water in the process
  • Backed by our dedicated service team to keep your system running properly


  • Access to clean water all day, every day
  • Safely reduces contaminants often found in water so these contaminants wont end up in your body
  • Easy hydration. HT 600 provides drinking water quality at every fixture to fulfill your daily water intake
  • Reduce landfill waste
  • Sparkling dishes with less soap = money saved
  • Saves you money on household cleaning products by eliminating hard water
  • Extends the life of your costly restaurant appliances by rejecting contaminants and solids found in water
  • Keeps your water supply safely stored in case of an emergency where access to municipal water can be shut off

The Puroserve HT 600 is an effective, affordable, and reliable solution to your drinking water needs. It packs a mighty punch in such a small package!

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