Los Angeles coffee shop reclaims its wastewater

Weird Wave Coffee in Los Angeles uses our reverse osmosis water filtration system – the Puroserve HT 600 – to purify all their water. For every gallon of purified water it produces, it produces a gallon of waste water. Watch how they took it upon themselves to reclaim the wastewater by pumping it to their […]

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weird wave coffee

What Does The Future Hold For Water Treatment?

Climate Science Is A Hoax With a set of principles that include Earth-friendliness, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, we strongly believe that the Puroserve approach is the future of water treatment, especially since the water-related issues that are affecting the country—reduced supply, increasing population, pollution, rising chloride levels across the very dry Southwest—are already calling for […]

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future of water management

Salt Pollution – Where We Are Today

Defining the Problem Urban salinity is an ancient issue, but also a modern one. What has changed is the scale of the problem. Our large communities change the very landscape upon which they are built, and without well-conceived water management policies for susceptible areas, the development of high chloride levels downstream of larger communities is […]

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Salt Pollution – Learning from Our Past

An Ancient Problem Environmental salt pollution is a modern problem with ancient roots. Across the span of world history lie the remains of ancient civilizations that relied on farming and irrigation to a fault. Eventually, they withered and died as a result of excess salinity in soil directly related to ignorance of proper water management […]

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