HT 2000 Water Treatment System

The HT 2000 is the only turn-key solution on the market for creating truly soft water without the need for salt.

The HT 2000 is much more than just a salt-free soft water system. It’s a water management system that improves the taste, smell and appearance of your water by harnessing the proven power of ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane technology.

Best of all, the HT 2000 is able to divert water that would previously have been lost in the RO process to any number of uses across your property.

And with an included storage tank, you can have an ample supply of potable water at your disposal in the event of any unforeseen emergencies.

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  • Up to 6000 gallons per day of incredibly clean and great tasting water
  • Powerful delivery pump for adequate pressure at all fixtures throughout your home
  • Polypropylene storage tank with automatic ozone disinfection system
  • Automated electronic control system for ease of use
  • Backed by our dedicated service team


  • Drink while you shower. HT 2000 brings you drinking water quality to every fixture in your home meaning you never have to worry about staying hydrated.
  • Maintain your landscapes using recycled rinse water, saving you money and helping the environment
  • No need to buy fabric softeners and rinse aids for softer clothes
  • Soft skin and hair leave you feeling energized
  • Save money on soaps, shampoos, and conditioners
  • Saves you time as dishes, clothes and linen get cleaner in the wash. Your water works for you
  • Ample water storage ensure you will have access to clean drinking water during an emergency

Whole house water system

The HT 2000 is also ideal for many other water treatment situations, whether it’s residential, commercial, well or problem water.

The Puroserve sales team are experts in the water treatment industry and ready to provide you with any information you may need for your next water project in Los Angeles, CA.

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