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Puroserve is a complete water treatment company. We are a premier water treatment solution for any residential or commercial application. Our proprietary technology and commitment to customer satisfaction are unrivaled.

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A revolutionary water treatment company serving Southern California

Since 1959, our company has been providing water treatment expertise in the Greater Los Angeles area.

We set out to broaden the traditional water treatment market and create affordable, environmentally sound systems to help mitigate salt pollution that has plagued the industry. Our Earth friendly HT series whole house water systems have achieved this goal.

Puroserve has been praised as the new standard in Southern California and has raised the bar for the rest of the water treatment industry. In addition to our exciting salt free softening breakthroughs, we also offer a full range of traditional residential water treatment options such as water softening, water filtration, and reverse osmosis.

Residential Water Treatment

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Homeowners in Los Angeles rely on Puroserve for professional and on-time service.

You can trust Puroserve water experts will deliver hassle-free and dependable service.

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Our commercial division can handle all commercial and industrial water treatment needs.

Every system is custom designed to satisfy any water conditioning application.

Focused On Service

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Efficiency and service are key to the Puroserve ideal.

Puroserve understands that your water system is the lifeblood of a home or building. When you need service, you want a reputable, experienced company that delivers on its promises.

Our HT Model Series are smart water treatment systems that purify the water you use inside your house or business and divert the rest to non-potable uses. They also ensure that you are prepared for nearly any emergency situation with an ample reserve supply of emergency drinking water.

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Puroserve

You can count on Puroserve to take care of your water treatment needs, whether you have a residential, commercial or multi-family property in Southern California. Our 20+ years experience provides us the ability to smoothly move projects from concept to completion on schedule and within budget.

experience Puroserve has been treating water since 1959. We are experienced in all types of water treatment systems, no matter how much customization is needed. Puroserve is known for being able to solve water treatment problems that no one else can. This insures that whatever your situation is, we will be familiar with it.
reputation Unfortunately the water treatment industry is filled with uneducated, uninformed and unscrupulous companies. Puroserve enjoys one of the best reputations around. Restaurants, hotels, and dry cleaners refer our services to others exclusively. You can trust us to deliver excellence in water conditioning!
guarantee Our guarantee to you is that if you are not completely satisfied with the service experience you receive from our company, we will rush back to you location at no charge and no obligation to make things right. If you are still unimpressed, we will offer a complete refund.

Our Latest Projects

At Puroserve, our service can begin at any phase of a project to soften and purify your water. We provide a full range of professional water treatment products and services to residential, commercial and industrial customers all over Southern California. Involving Puroserve early in your project means that costs and scheduling are better controlled, and sometimes costly duplicated efforts are eliminated.

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How do Puroserve systems soften water without salt?

The Puroserve system operates using Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis technology. RO is a separation process, that actually separates nearly pure water from hard, or mineral concentrated, tap water. This differs from a sodium softener that utilizes a chemical reaction based on an exchanging of ions. In the case of a salt softener, sodium ions are simply exchanged, using an ion exchange media, for calcium ions. It is also called a Cation exchanger because it exchanges ions that carry a positive charge, or Cations. Where a salt softener leaves a significant amount of sodium ions in the softened water (remember it exchanges sodium for calcium and magnesium), the Puroserve process leaves almost no detectable sodium in the softened water.

Do Puroserve systems waste water?

No. When installed as designed and properly maintained a Puroserve system does not waste any water. In fact, because of it’s advanced design a Puroserve system actually helps to save water. It can make a home more water efficient overall and it will detect water loss and leakage within a home that otherwise may go un-noticed. The key to water efficiency is awareness and, as long as the Puroserve system is properly installed, with a thoughtful eye toward reclamation and re-use, it will save water on MANY levels. Picture the Puroserve system as an advanced technology water resource management system that will actually help your home be more efficient.

Are Puroserve systems okay to use in areas where water softeners are banned?

Yes, the anti-softener ordinances that are being passed in many areas are really salt discharge ordinances, not softening ordinances. Therefore, it is still OK to soften your water, so long as you do not discharge salt to the sewer in order to do it. The Puroserve system does not use any salt. More importantly it does not have a drain or sewer connection. It actually takes in to account all of the tap water that a customer pays for each month, improves the portion that will be used inside and directs the remaining water to be used outside. Nothing is wasted and no salt is discharged to the sewer. In fact, it even reduces natural tap water salt by over 96%, so the water leaving the home and arriving at the waste water plant to be reclaimed, is nearly salt free This makes it easier for waste water authorities to reclaim and reuse more waste water and maintain compliance with their waste water discharge permits.

What other impurities can a Puroserve system reduce?

The Puroserve is capable of significantly reducing nearly all tap water impurities. Based on the molecular size of the specific impurity, the rejection will vary somewhat for each contaminant, however it is fair to say that Reverse Osmosis is the most effective technology available for all common tap water impurities, as well as most emerging contaminants that have become a concern in recent years. Reverse Osmosis has been used for bottling purified water and for making laboratory water for decades.

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