HT Flex – Custom Water Treatment

HT Flex is a customized water treatment system that is perfect for estate homes and large scale custom projects that often require more pure, great tasting, soft water.

Introducing the HT flex. Flex is our fully scale-able, salt free water treatment solution that delivers domestic water quality that is unsurpassed. Flex is also ideal for restaurants, high demand municipal facilities and industrial manufacturing.

HT Flex is the most advanced water treatment solution on the market today. It is ideal for projects with larger plumbing (which often call for increased flow). With hundreds of possible configurations, your project is sure to have the best tasting water that is naturally soft (no salt), safe, and great tasting.

HT flex set up

Custom, Tailor-Made Configuration

The HT Flex proves its not only possible to create a new standard, but one that can adapt and be configured for years to come.

Each system is uniquely tailored to each project, comes with many delivery pump choices with variable speed control, and capable of producing 2,000 to 12,000+ gallons water per day.

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HT Flex installation

HT Flex installation

Let Us Design One For You Today

When we created the HT series, our goal was to provide the best water. We learned through trial and error.

Pre-treatment of the supply water is key to proper operation when designing a Reverse Osmosis system; especially in situations involving poor quality feed water. Our systems are COMPLETE. They are turn key and are thoughtfully engineered to deliver an excellent result – every time!

Once the water has been pre-treated to reduce sediment, silt, chlorine and other chemicals, it is passed through our advanced ultra-low pressure membranes to effectively remove remaining impurities up to 99%. This leaves your family with great quality water that only a Puroserve whole house system can provide.


  • 2,000 to 12,000 gallons per day production rate (custom systems and larger capacities available)
  • Powerful, variable speed delivery pump options available
  • Large variety of control systems to suite many applications
  • Polypropylene storage tank available in many sizes
  • Membrane flush system for even the most contaminated supply water
  • Configurable safety lockout systems


  • Complete custom design built in USA specifically tailored to your requirements
  • Many delivery pump choices with variable speed control for better pressure response
  • Rinse water can be reclaimed or used for drip irrigation on landscapes to help you conserve water

Our HT Flex service and maintenance program ensures that your investment is protected. Service is provided on a regular basis by our fully trained and highly knowledgeable service staff. Just like any other high tech mechanical device the benefits can only be fully realized if the equipment is professionally maintained. The Puroserve team has you (and your investment), covered!

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