Portable Exchange Service

Our portable exchange service is a reliable home soft water solution. A Puroserve technician exchanges the tank at regular intervals to ensure that hard water problems are under control.

Puroserve delivery rep

Puroserve’s portable exchange soft water service is a convenient way to enjoy soft water at home and receive the high quality reliable service that we are known for. It is better for you and the environment than traditional salt based soft water systems.

  • Little or no up front cost
  • No maintenance bills or contracts
  • No heavy salt bags to lug
  • No salt pollution added to the sewer

Portable exchange rental service starts as low as $20 a month*
*27,000 grain soft water tank exchanged every 56 days (8 weeks).  Special price for new customers only.


Homeowners experience many benefits when they subscribe to our portable exchange service.

  • Softer skin and smoother hair
  • No itchy dry skin feeling
  • Less mineral/gunk build-up around your shower and fixtures
  • No spotting on dishes
  • Money saved through less detergent, soaps, solvents and rinse-aids
  • Softer laundered clothes
  • Lengthen the life of your water heater and other water appliances

woman wrapped in soft towel

Puroserve is local to the Greater Los Angeles area. Our tank service is approved for use in areas like Santa Clarita and the Inland Empire that have prohibited the installation of traditional softeners due to salt pollution. Our staff possesses over 60+ years of experience in the water business.

Give us a call today at (800) 594-3300 to learn more about the benefits of a Puroserve portable exchange system. We’ll be happy to schedule a free estimate about customizing a water system to suit almost any residential application.