Puroserve is proud to have clients use our deionized water systems in a multitude of industries. Our water treatment professionals understand the deionization process and take pride in providing quality purified water and service.

Deionized water (“DI water”) has nearly all of its ions removed to reach a level of purity that is suitable for applications that use water as a rinse or an ingredient. This type of purification reduces minerals at the ionic level through chemical treatment and ion exchange.

At Puroserve we can treat almost any situation that calls for water with a high level of purity using both mixed bed and separate bed methods.

We operate our own industrial water conditioning plant with the capability to regenerate resin in bulk or for portable exchange.

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Who uses Deionized Water?

  • Laboratory testing
  • Semiconductors
  • Electronics
  • Metal processing
  • Etching

  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Cosmetics products
  • Personal care products
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Beverage industry

  • Humidifier Makeup
  • Hydroponics
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Hospitals

  • Spot Free Car wash
  • Solar Panel washing
  • Window washing

Whether your water source is well or city water, at any TDS, we have a solution for you. Processes that require this level of purity call for the best in the water treatment industry.

Call Puroserve at (800) 594-3300 and tell us about your water today.