Commercial Dealkalizer System installed at The Getty Center

Dealkalization is critical to providing compatible feed water for some commercial boiler systems. Commercial boilers are commonly utilized in large buildings for providing domestic hot water as well as for heating the building interior.

The Getty Center in Los Angeles has used Puroserve Water Conditioning for many years to maintain their domestic water softeners, climate control systems (humidifier water), AND their boiler feed water treatment systems.

Puroserve systems are in use at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, the Getty Villa in Malibu AND at the Getty Annex in Valencia CA. Interestingly, the Annex is where art that is not on exhibit is stored under very high security and under very stringent environmental conditions.

Recently the 25-year-old automatic dealkilizer servicing the boiler feed water at The Getty Center in Los Angeles began to experience age related break downs. Many of the parts on the old system are obsolete and are difficult to source. Repairs made to the old system over the last few years were really just buying some additional time. Given the value of the exhibits at the center, estimated in the Billions, this was not satisfactory. Notwithstanding the repair costs, the lack of reliably of the old system was enough reason to consider replacement.

There are three main boilers at The Getty Center, each is the size of a large RV. Needless to say the replacement of a boiler like this is costly. The cost of repairing one of these boilers can easily run over six figures.

Puroserve, over the course of two days, removed the old dealkalizer and installed a new state of the art automatic anion exchange dealkalizer. The new unit (pictured) features all of the following.

  • Twin 25 cubic ft salt regenerated anion exchanger
  • Metered sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) feed
  • Logic-based PLC controller that interfaces with the computerized building management system (BMS).

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The final result has been outstanding and is exceeding the customer’s expectations.