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Finally a real water softener that not only does not use salt, it actually removes the salt that is already there. The HT Series is sustainability at its absolute best!

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Your family deserves the best water quality possible—and Puroserve delivers just that. Enjoy the benefits of soft water without the negative environmental impact of salt-based water softeners. Just imagine bathing in, cooking with, and drinking water that is up to 99% lower in dissolved impurities than... water! And with our innovative wastewater diversion techniques, any rinse water is reused immediately on-site to water your lawn or garden, top off your pool, or any use where high water quality is not necessary. With all these benefits for your home, it's easy to see that Puroserve is the most innovative water quality device on the market.

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Imagine a future with a Puroserve system in every house. We have, and the possibilities are truly revolutionary. A broad base of Puroserve installations would be a viable, affordable alternative to expensive wastewater treatment plant upgrades, ultimately lowering long-term costs for the community. Puroserve can... boost water reclamation efforts by catching problem chlorides in your tap water before they reach local treatment plants. Each Puroserve installation actually helps local sanitation authorities to achieve their goals for reducing salt. Puroserve is approved for use where salt softener bans are in place, bans that are spreading to communities across the Southwest. Puroserve is the most innovative solution to the problem of salt pollution.

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The Earth is covered with water, but less than 3% of it is drinkable. At its core, Puroserve is committed to the idea that our products are critical tools in the current shift away from wasteful water treatment practices and toward greener, more eco-friendly residential water treatment. And as pop... continues to climb, the demand for better, smarter approaches to managing our finite freshwater resources will only grow. Here at Puroserve, we're taking the first steps down the road towards a better a future. Why don't you join us?

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The thought that you could treat your whole house with an RO system was unthinkable just a short time ago. By processing your domestic water with Low Pressure RO technology, and recapturing the concentrated stream to irrigate your planted outdoor areas, a wonderful balance can be achieved. Puroserve HT whole house water systems have brought water treatment into the 21st century. Just like advances in energy production, communication, transportation and other industries, the HT series of whole house water systems are just a smarter way of handling your water needs. Think of it as your own whole house water resource management system. The time has come to look at water differently and realize that we have a responsibility to use it as sensibly as we possibly can.


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About Puroserve

Puroserve is the brainchild of two Southern California water treatment Mavericks who are lifelong friends and business partners.

The experience and expertise among the staff at Puroserve is unparalleled. The symphony that is a Puroserve RO system requires that no less than eight different sub-systems operate as a single unit. Each step must work in sequence to properly pre-filter, separate, store, disinfect, re-pressurize and reclaim your water so that not a drop is wasted. Much care and thought goes into each installation to ensure that it is going to produce a great result. Read more...